Sunday, June 24, 2012

Worry, Anxiety and Cherry Pie

Have you ever had one of those nights where you just could'nt sleep.
Like really you tried everything known to man just to get comfortable and relax....
It's always the nights before your really long days that sleep doesnt come easy, it never fails.
It never fails.

It never fails.

Well for me this night is one of those sleepless nights.
But I will not complain about it.
There's something really sweet about these early hours in the morning.
I do my best thinking around this time... or my best pondering, or my best questioning, and somtimes my best worrying...
it pretty much depends on the events of the next day.

Are any of you out there worriers?
It seems that worrying is part of my nature.
I hate the feeling of being worried. 
yet I still do it..
I mean everything will be just dandy one moment than I over think the littlest of things and it becomes this whole other issue in my mind when in reality everything is FINE.
I mean come on now..
we all do it..
I dont know but I will be the first to admit that I have exagerated the truth of a situation to satisfy the bottomless pit of worry that my heart seems to want to get itself into.

But here is the thing
I dont have to live this way!
Worry is not in the definition of my name.:) (that was deep)lol
I dont have to live consumed by worry of whats gonna happen tomorrow.. or the next day... or next month or even FIVE YEARS FROM NOW! 

How do I live worry free?
Especially when I have college to think about, and how I'm going to pay off my debt, and WHO I am going to marry and WHERE am I gonna live...
How do I live worrry free when there is so much it seems like I got to figure out and plan?

Rebecca... How do I not end up staying awake at stupid hours of the night worrying about my life, my future and if my dreams are going to come true?

Well Im glad you asked.
because I have stayed up countless nights at stupid hours of the day wishing I wasnt worrying.
and I have come to the conclusion.

Everything that I worry about, everything that I try to figure out, everything that "loads me down with care" is to much for me.
I simply can not handle it.
I am not strong enough and the more I worry the more emotionally weak I become
then at some point I snap.
But I know someone who is strong enough to unload all my worries on.
I mean he carried the sins of the world on his sholders when he carried the cross to a physical death he didnt deserve.
and he did it because he loved us.
He wanted us to have fellowship with him in life in prayer and throught the Holy Spirit.
my sins, my cares, my worries, my anxietys.. they were all nailed to that cross and cruicified there with him.
What makes me think that he doesnt love me enough to come to him with these worries and anxious thoughts that cause me not to sleep at night? Does he not have room on the cross for any more of my anxious thoughts?
 "Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares for you"

This my friends is so releaving... its so comforting..
He cares about me.

"Give your burdens to the Lord and he will take care of you. He will not permit the godly to slip and fall."

He has every detail
every moment
all planned out and ready for me to step into.
He knows my name.
all I have to do is walk with him.
confide in him
trust him.

He has every detail
every moment
all planned out and ready for you to step into
He knows your name
all you have to do is walk with him.
confide in him
trust him.

when those nights come that you just cant sleep for anything
and you have alot on your mind..
kind of like me tonight,

maybe you could through out a prayer asking God if he could handle some of  your  worries for you.
all you gotta do is ask..
its as easy as cherry pie.
and with that.......
I say Goodnight :)

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