Tuesday, December 4, 2012


We are all pursuing something.

Some people are pursuing education
Some careers, some friends, some a better future, some wealth, others how to spend their wealth.

Some people are pursuing relationships. Pursing a woman to become your wife. A man to become your husband.Pursing people that will make them feel good. Some people pursue love. And there are those who pursue things that make them feel wanted, and treasured and hoped for.
Some pursue fame while others pursue quiet, peaceful lives. Most people pursue happiness.

What are we pursuing? What am I pursing?

I am pursuing good education
I am pursuing friendships.
I am pursuing a better relationship with my family.
I am pursuing enjoyable, dream like ways to make a living.
I am pursuing my dreams and I am pursuing a future and pursuing Hope and happiness and love...

All these things are great. All these things are wonderful...but they mean nothing. NOTHING. Nothing if I am not pursuing the one thing that I will take with me when I die. The ONE THING that will last forever and never die or cease to be.. And this is a relationship with Jesus the son of God. The creator of the universe. The everlasting Holy Spirit.
I have come to realize that everything I spend my life trying to become, or have, or gain is only for this life time. And a life time is short.
It's so short.
But eternity is forever times forever. It's so long our finite minds can't wrap themselves around it.

I want to be in pursuit of the things that matter. I don't want to waste my life. And this is where The phrase "YOLO" should really be said. Rebecca YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE. Don't waste your time pursuing the things that are carnal, that don't really give you life, that are surfacey and shallow.

Pursue the knowledge of God and that will last forever.

Pursue eternal friendships, the kind that Jesus says to surround ourselves with that will advance his kingdom.

Pursue jobs and a way to make a living to support your family to show your children how to be parents. To show them the way to life.

Pursue your God given dreams

Pursue a future of living in the presence of God everyday

Pursue the joy of The Lord.
Pursue peace.

Pursue Love. God is love and all who love know God and are children of God.
God reveals himself to his people in many ways and one way is through his people, through the church and through the beauty of marriage. he makes a great analogy of how we are to be in relationship to him through the concept of marriage and I bet you over half the people my age are pursing marriage. And have no understanding the depth of it. That's it's more than just a man marrying a woman. Marriage helps us understand our relationship with God. His undying, covenant love.

Pursue a God kind of Love.

Pursue a life of covenant relationship with the savior of the world.

And this is how to have a meaningful life.
A great start of eternity.

My prayer is to be a disciple

In pursuit of Jesus.