Monday, September 26, 2011

Gone Country

Not gonna lie, I love Floyd Iowa. 
There is alot of reasons why i have come to this conclusion,
   1. being the great program I'm in,
      2. the AWESOME people i have met,
        3. ALLL THE FOOD,
           4. two of the coolest masters directors live here (zach and beka)
                                        But MOst oF aLL
                                 THE FIELDS OF CORN!!
I have never seen so much corn in all my life!
It really is pretty epic.
Really how many people  can say they have corn growing in their front yard? (Brittany Bluhm)
Corn Corn Corn

The whole state of Iowa is just beautiful,
if I could live here forever
I would.
Have you ever seen such a pretty sunset?
let me tell you, you wont see one like this in Kansas City

Well my point is  that theres alot more to life than Starbucks, and malls, and plazas, and taco bells (there is none here). I think we have missed some of the most beautiful sunsets mainly because we dont even notice it with our daily busy lives. And maybe we dont see it because theres buildings and houses in the way.
Out of sight out of mind right.
its always there and it happens everyday
so maybe
we city folk
just have to go country every once in a while :)