Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sooo uhhh can I get a large coney?.. With tots!

So there was this one time my good friend Haley Cordell told me this story about a classmate of hers describing his experience at sonic. Or (sonics). I honestly don't remember what was said but I do remember that it was epicly funny and we laughed for a long time. And...
This line about the coney and tots was all I can remember.
Hearing the line without knowing the rest of the story seems pretty lame. I mean really
It makes me sound like a fatty
But to me and her, it's hilarious.

Thats just one of the few moments I hold so dear. You ask " It probably wasn't that funny cause you don't remember the story" but let me tell you
If you get me and Haley in the same room we'll find the most random thing to fall to the ground laughing about. And most of the time we won't even remember what happened because it was ridiculous.

It feels so great to have such a good friend that I can share my life with. Even the most silly moments that seem pointless. Laughter is like medicine to me. It cures my sour attitude and it lifts up my spirit and makes me feel light hearted, yet keeps me grounded. We all need to laugh at ourselves and the silly little moments we have. Good.bad.ugly.stressful.painful ect. And my good friend Haley brings that out of me. A good dose of laughter, and many pinches of Godly conversation.
I am so thankful for her in my life an I can't wait to see what the lord has instore for her. We've been through thick and thin together and still 1000 miles apart we still are blessing each other. Someday il be able to share in the happiness of her wedding day and be there when she has kids and has her ministry. Il be able to see the fullness she has been given because she followed the will of the lord. What a blessing to be on the journey together
And what a journey indeed.
And this journey is gonna be filled With moments that will crack me up and I know I most likely won't remember in the long run.
But the underling theme of joy and friendship will be something I always remember and treasure.

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