Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Snow Globes

I really don't know why I got on this kick about snow globes. For the most part snow globes are used for decoration around Christmas time. Some people place theirs on coffee tables, shelves, inn tables, kitchen tables, desks, counter tops ect.
Snow Globes for the most part carry little figurines that resemble the holiday
that when you shake it, it looks like snow or "glitter" falling from the "sky."

Theres just something so fascinating about snow globes. As a kid I was always intrigued with the free fall of the "snow" or glitter you could shale up the globe and any way you shake it the fall of the pretty glitter would mesmerize me.
Not to long ago while i was at a Christmas shop full of festive Christmas decorations and I came across a whole section of snow globes. Big to small to every sort of color you could imagine. It was quite precious :)
Anyways I had this thought... " How adorable and what a sweet tradition it could be if when I met my husband we could get a new glove every year for Christmas."
Ya I don't know why but this idea seemed sweet to me.
A day or so ago while shopping I came across this small snow globe.
Well first off all my instinct to buy the globe was contrary to the purpose of my first intention a tradition with my husband. obviously because I don't have one and Im not currently dating anyone the point of buying the globe would be completely pointless.
Or would it?
I'm at a season in my life where I'm taking my focus off of everything that my heart desires and pursuing a man so much greater than I have ever met before.
So I looked at the snow globe.
And thought to myself
It begins this year.
<3  

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